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photo by Rob Miller



January 21
Driff Records presents

Driff Winter Festivalette
Lilypad, 7:30-10:00 pm

Jorrit Dijkstra - saxes, lyricon, analog electronics, compositions
Jeb Bishop - trombone
Michael Prentky - trombone
Bill Lowe - bass trombone, tuba
Nate McBride - acoustic and electric bass
Eric Rosenthal - drums and percussion

Duo Karayorgis/Bishop:
Pandelis Karayorgis - piano
Jeb Bishop - trombone

February 14
point01% series

Lilypad, 7-10 pm
(1st set is Eric Rosenthal, Tatiana Castro Mejia, Brittany Karlson and Andrew Neumann)
Dan O’Brien, woodwinds
Pandelis Karayorgis, piano
Nate McBride, bass

March 12-14
Jeb Bishop-Damon Smith-Pandelis Karayorgis
March 12 Hungry Brain, Chicago IL
March 13 Cometogetherspace, Bloomington IL
March 14 St. O'Connell's, St. Louis MI
Details TBA

March 22-28
Kasper Tranberg-Pandelis Karayorgis-Kresten Osgood
March 22 BrÖtz, Gothenburg, Sweden
March 23 Glenn Miller Café, Stockholm, Sweden
March 24 Fridhems Folkhögskola, Malmö, Sweden

March 25 Hjørring, Denmark
March 26, KoncertKirken, Copenhagen, Denmark

April 11
point01% series

Lilypad, 7-10 pm
Details TBA

May 9
point01% series

Lilypad, 7-10 pm
Details TBA

June 3
Quintet featuring Dave Rempis
Lilypad, 7-10 pm
Dave Rempis, alto sax
Forbes Graham, trumpet
Pandelis Karayorgis, piano
Nate McBride, bass
Caleb Duval, bass
Luther Gray, drums

June 13
point01% series

Lilypad, 7-10 pm
Details TBA

June 29-July 2
Group with Dave Rempis and others TBA
June 29 Elastic, Chicago IL
June 30 Madison, WI
July 2 Hungry Brain, Chicago, IL

>Latest releases<

Just out, November 2022:


Jeb Bishop | trombone
Damon Smith | bass
Pandelis Karayorgis | piano

Triple CD set.
Each disc contains one duo session between the three
musicians: trombone-bass, piano-bass and piano-trombone.
Recorded over the course of Jeb’s last year of residency in
Boston and soon after Damon had moved away, these
recordings capture a glimpse of the city’s creative music
scene at a particularly active time.

Just out, November 2022:


Pandelis Karayorgis | piano
Nate McBride | bass
Luther Gray | drums

Featuring four compositions from Hasaan Ibn Ali's recently
re-discovered 1965 recording Metaphysics (Omnivore,
2021), three classics by Elmo Hope, and six Thelonious
Monk favorites.


Forbes Graham | trumpet
Jeb Bishop | trombone
Pandelis Karayorgis | piano
Nate McBride | bass
Kresten Osgood | drums

This live recording from May 2022 captures
the reunion of Copenhagen-based drummer
Kresten Osgood with four long time Boston-based
musical companions during Kresten’s U.S. tour at the time.
All five musicians here share a long history
of working together and have developed a common
language. The first four tracks are trio, followed by a
longer piece from the entire group.

This is a digital release only.
Buy the CD here (Bandcamp)






A series of short, mostly four-hand/two-selves improvisations from June 2020.



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